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Islam Question and Answer - He wants to help a divorced woman


He wants to help a
divorced woman
What about young women who were forced by
their parents to marry someone, without their will and are now divorced !
I know a person which I want to marry probably, she has to fight with
negative thoughts that she is only half a woman and that she is a woman of second class
after she divorced by her husband.Her family treatens her like a slave and she can't trust
no men, after all it was the failure of her parents as she never wanted this marriage. I
want to help her and I hope, when Allah gives me the help and the strength, to marry her.I
do not know what to do because she is blocking and I hope that you can help me in helping
her to get rid of this negative thoughts.I told her that I have no problem with the past
situation but she means that my parents would have a problem with this. Are my parents
allowed to forbid me to marry a person who was already married, when she is pure,
religious and full of chasity?
I know that I need their will when I want to marry a person, but the Quran
doesn't teach about such a situation.
How can I help her, I would do anything to give her the strength to get
over this. Please help me !


Praise be to Allaah.

Undoubtedly the best is to marry a woman whom your
parents approve of. If you want to help this woman by marrying her, then try to convince
your parents, and you will be rewarded in sha Allaah. If they are not convinced, then look
for a Muslim brother who can marry her and take care of her.

With regard to divorced women, if a divorced woman is religious and
well-mannered, then she is of high standing and her divorce has no effect on her worth and
does not make her of any less value before Allaah. She has to remain steadfast and not let
these groundless ideas affect her. We would also like to draw your attention to the fact
that it is not permissible to form a relationship with a non-mahram woman and call her or
contact her for no reason, because of the temptation that this may pose to her or to you.
We ask Allaah to give you and her strength.

Islam Q&A
Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid



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