Thursday, 14 June 2012

Veils of warriors of God that our religions command genocide

A woman goes to her doctor for a mammogram. The test revealed a cancerous tumor, but your doctor decides not to tell. Two weeks 71 year old tenor Luciano Pavorotti was recording an album of religious songs when he went to the hospital with fever. The tests revealed a cancerous tumor in his pancreas. What happens if their doctors had decided that he would not have been able to tolerate the news? How can we tolerate the news diluted for us by major media such as CNN and warriors of Christiane Amanpour Dios? The world is skis toward the extinction of life on Earth forever in there 3 nuclear war driven by our world religions that explicitly prohibit genocide of peace and command and reward of world with great rewards for mass murder in the world to come, but their main means of communication do not trust you to know this.
How to solve a problem when you don't know what is the problem? How to solve a problem like Maria? Does the mass media for 6 years after 9/11 continue to hide the fact that the Qur'an and Hadith clearly and explicitly command genocide of every Christian, Jewish and Muslim not on Earth to paradise eternal in heaven with Mount Sinai Dios, crystalline streams, 72 virgins for martyr and believer, endless wine without side effects and 80,000 civil servants by martyr and believer? Why not media trust that they know this? How Luciano Pavorotti have an surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in his pancreas when he doesn't know that he is there?
Are you afraid to spill the beans in the religions of the world for fear of reprisals the mainstream media? Is media ownership by religious people who are covering up the hatred in their Bibles? As Marvin Gaye asked him, "what is happening?" why CNN and Christiane Amanpour switched 8 months preparing Warriors of God to explain the root of religious conflict which they engulfing the world and tell us that Islamic violence is compromised only by a small percentage of Muslims who have a wild interpreation of Islam? The Qur'an says, "make war to Christians and Jews." Do battle with them. Kill the infidels, non-Muslims anywhere that you will find them. They besiege them and sit to wait for them with all kinds of ambush. Believers will be rewarded with eternal paradise in heaven with Dios of Mount Sinai, crystal clear Springs, trees covered with fruits, extended in the shade, flowing waters, 72 virgins and 80,000 civil servants. Muslims must not suffer winds pestilential and boiling water and live in a hot black smoke. (Koran, Sura, Chapter 9: 5, 29-30, chapter 56 and Hadith).
Is that mass media feared that if the Muslims knew what their religion had commanded of them as they would immediately exhausted and sacrifice to all non-Muslims? It is media feared that if Christians knew what Islam it was Christians would be immediately run out and kill every Muslim? To hide the truth is like saying that only a small percentage of golfers with an interpretation of the rules of the wild golf are penalized for hitting his ball in a water hazard. Islam prohibits the peace and the commands of genocide with great eternal rewards of mass murder and attempted murder suicide in this life. six years after 9/11 should be common in one class of each grade knowledge.
The truth shall set free you if you know the truth and take action to correct the problem. Christianity began 2,000 years ago and since then has spread by the sword in the Crusades, the Inquisition of 300 years, the pogroms and resulted in the Holocaust, "The war against the Jews". The New Testament says that when Jesucristo returns he will order the Christian people to throw all non-Christian men, women and children from 4 billion into the fire to burn alive because they are all devils. (Matthew 13: 36-43). CNN Christiane Amanpour in Warriors of God spent two hours discussing Christian Warriors of God and never mentioned the countless passages of the Christian Bible in command of the slaughter of non-believers. They instead spent two hours talking about abortion and gay marriage.
3 years George Bush publicly announced a crusade. The Crusades were 1,000 years ago, when the Pope marched his army of Christian throughout Europe massacred every Jew on his way to reclaim the Holy Land and placed in Muslim blood of knee. Even George Bush has conquered Muslim Afghanistan and Iraq and is now poised to attack Iran with weapons of mass destruction. George Bush expected to be gathered in Jeruslaem and congratulated by Jesus Christ to conquer the world for Christianity and then entranced in the eternal with Mount Sinai Dios paradise because he read this in his Bible.
Psalm 2 Old Testament Judaism describes how the Messiah have a rod of iron and smash every Jew not as a vessel of clay potter and conquer the world for the Jewish people. When Christianity adopted the old testament changed the Messiah to kill all the pagans, Christians not and conquer the world to Christianity. This is called counterfeiting. When Islam adopted the old testament changed for the Messiah will kill every non-Muslim infidel and conquer the world for Islam. It's a forgery of a forgery.
This is only the tip of the iceberg. On its web page 10 The Temple of Love aka the religion of world peace reveals the cause and the solution (according to the Mount Sinai Dios, Dios aka father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, Alá, Yehovah, Elohim, Hashem and his common sense) for conflict world wide religious which leads us now everyone in hell of worldwide nuclear world war 3 and the extinction of life on Earth forever in its nuclear winter of sequels then ultraviolent summer, Mount Sinai Dios explained through every single biblical Prophet of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, particularly Jesus Christ, the expected Messiah born Jewish Christianity and Islam. Although the Temple of love is widely known on the internet, 2 years after its Foundation, the mainstream media has never mentioned. If they will not tell you the problem, then how can expect to show the solution?
We we have become too technologically advanced for the war. Each nuclear scientist knows that nuclear war 3 will have zero survivors. To avoid imminent nuclear world war 3, the Temple of love website must immediately be made compulsory reading and its link should be placed in each classroom, main newspaper, television station, radio station, blog, myspace, facebook and Web site on Earth. It's how you can help save the world. Prevented is prevented. Let's not go down like ostriches with your head buried in the sand. God's solution to their problems is simple. Go what solution of God is now while we still have time to read. Incidentally, Luciano Pavorotti is doing well two weeks before his doctors removed a cancerous tumor from his pancreas. Now follow the command of our Dios of Mount Sinai and eliminate the cancer of hatred of our religions. Go to see how. It is easy once you see.

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