Friday, 25 May 2012


1. While rinsing the mouth: "Allaa-humma A'innee 'Alaa Zikreka wa Shukreka wa Husne 'Ibaadatik"
(O' Allah! Help me, I will remember You and be thankful to You and worship You in a good manner).
2. While sniffing up the water into nostrils: "Allaa-humma Arehnee Raa-ihatal Jannati walaa Turehnee 2 Raa-ihatan Naar"
( O' Allah! Let me have the fragrance of paradise and protect me from the stench of hell).
3. While washing the face: "Allaa-humma Baie-yid Wajhee Yauma Yabyaddu Wujuhoon wa Taswaddu Wujooh"
(O' Allah! Grace my face with light on the day [Doomsday] when some faces will be bright and some black).
4. While washing the right hand: "Allaa-humma A'tinee Kitaabee Bi-yameenee wa Haasibnee Hisaaban Yaseeraa"
(O' Allah! Give me my "sheet of actions" in the right hand [on the Doomsday] and show leniency to me in reckoning).
5. While washing the left hand: "Allaa-humma Laa Ta'tinee Kitabee Bishimaalee walaa Mieon wa-Raaa-i Zahree"
(O' Allah! Give me my "sheet of actions" neither in the left hand nor from my back.
6. While doing "Masah" of the head: "Allaa-humma Azillanee Tahta ' Arshika Yauma Laa Zilla Illaa Zillu 'Arshik"
(O' Allah! Put me under the shade of Your empyrean on the day when there will be no shade excepting the shade of Your empyrean).
7. While doing "Masah" of the ears: "Allaa-hummaj'alnee Minal Lazeena Yastame'oonal Qaula Fayattabe'oona Ahsanah"
(O' Allah! Make me of those who heed to the good point and act upon it).
8. While doing "Masah" of the neck: "Allaa-humma A'tiq Raqabatee Minan Naar"
(O' Allah! Free my neck from the fire[of hell]).
9. While washing the right foot: "Allaa-humma Sabbit Qadamee 'Alas-Siraate Yauma Tazillul Aqdaam"
(O' Allah! Make me steady on "Siraat" (narrow pathway passing over the Hell to Paradise) on which others will be trembling).
10. While washing the left foot: "Allaa-hummaj'al Zanbee Maghfooran wa Sa'yee Mashkooran wa Tijaaratee Lan Taboor"
(O' Allah! Forgive my sins bless my (good) effort with success and my business may not ruin).
11. Soon after finishing Wudu: "Allaa-hummaj'alnee Minal Muta-tah-hireen"
(O' Allah! Make me of those who have repented and of those who are purified).
12. Recite it standing and looking to the sky: "Subhaana-kal-Laahumma Wabe Hamdeka Ash-hadu Allaa Ilaaha Illaa Anta Astaghfiruka wa Atoobu Ilaiek"
(All Glory be to You, O' Allah! and I praise You. I bear witness that there is no god but You alone. I seek Your forgiveness and repent to You).

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